Water and Environment

Supply to “Bajo Ebro” area in Aragon


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Technical studies and designs

The purpose of the project was to provide sufficient quantities of high quality raw water to the municipalities covered by the project, all in the Lower Ebro area of Aragon: Alborge, Alfajarín, Alforque, Cinco Olivas, Escatrón, Gelsa de Ebro, La Puebla de Alfindén, La Zaida, Nuez de Ebro, Osera, Pina de Ebro, Quinto de Ebro, Sástago, Velilla de Ebro and Villafranca de Ebro. The work proposed included: Inlet of the stem channel | 1400 mm and 1000 mm supply channel to the regulating reservoirs | Regulating reservoirs, total volume of 601,656 m3| Supply channel to the nuclei, total length 120 km | High-pressure connection to the municipal installations | Instruments, remote monitoring and installations