About us

Sers: 40 years at the forefront of the engineering and construction

SERS is a leading consulting engineering firm in the field of infrastructures and is backed by 40 years’ experience. It operates primarily in the area of transport, water-environment and urban infrastructure, and has worked extensively on concession contracts.

SERS has always shown a clear customer orientation based on professional excellence, and for this purpose it structures its services into three categories: technical studies and designs, site supervision and project management. Over these years, our customers have included public bodies, concessionaires and multilateral bodies, among others.

Sers is part of FYSEG (Fulcrum y Sers Engineering Group) 

FYSEG is a leading engineering, design and consultancy firm with more than 40 years of experience in industry. Through our relevant experience over the last decades, we have worked for public bodies, multilateral / aid agencies and private companies, such as developers, contractors and operators, becoming a reference in Rail, Motorways & Roads, Water & Environment, Urban Infrastructure, IT and R&D markets.

FYSEG (Fulcrum and Sers Engineering Group) was established in 2016 as a result of the merger between Fulcrum and Sers that were respectively founded in 1988 in Leoia and 1973 in Zaragoza. With this important step, that allow the company forming part of the largest Spanish engineering groups, we continue with the successful common path undertaken in the international market in recent years, in which we have performed projects in over 20 countries on all continents.

We struggle for a 100% quality engineering, the commitment of our clients and the sustainable development of our society.