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Road structuring network of Aragon: Teruel sector 2


Government of Aragon
Detailed design

"Teruel Sector 2" is one of the sectors into which the road structuring network of Aragon has been divided. It includes 6 roads with a total length of 294 km. The work has been completed in three phases. 1) Selection of alternatives and drafting of study report. 2) Public Participation and Environmental Impact Declaration, and sectioning of the Sector (based on the EID). 3) Drafting of Route Design and final investment table. As a result of the study, the project finally defined 50,229 m of comprehensive conditioning, 94,139 m of surface reinforcement (Type RF1 –without replacement of material– and RF2 – with replacement of material) and 126,715 m of surface renovation (slurry type bitumen bed).