Tercer Milenio bridge over the river Ebro


Zaragoza Alta Velocidad 2002, S.A.
Site supervision

“Tercer Milenio” Bridge is an arch bridge crossing the River Ebro in Zaragoza. It was built for the International Exposition held in 2008. It is a tied-arch bridge with ties on the deck which rests on four vertical supports with a longitudinal distance between them of 216 m and a transversal distance of 48 m (including roadways, bicycle lanes and footpaths). The arch and inclined feet are in 75 MPa concrete with characteristic strength of white cement. The deck, also white, has a strength of 60 MPa. Another key feature area are the glazed pedestrian galleries, which protect pedestrians from the city's extreme climate, and give the bridge a unique personality. It was made in collaboration with engineer Juan José Arenas.