Urban Development

Arcosur urban development


Junta de Compensación, Sector 89/3. Arcosur
2002-2007 | 2009-In execution
Detailed design | Site supervision

The newly-built district of Arcosur in Zaragoza covers a land area of 435 ha and is forecast to have a population of 75,000. It is bounded by the "Fourth Belt" to the South, the Madrid road and the Aragon Imperial Canal to the North, and the Montes del Canal and Valdespartera Ecocity developments to the East. Key infrastructures include a 45 km road network distributed in 90 streets, 20 km of bicycle lanes, 78 km of water supply network, 45 km of rainwater catchment network, 35 km for the sewerage and 37 km of pipes for the irrigation network, as well as supply tanks with a capacity of 20,000 m3, irrigation pools (9000 m3), lakes (180,000 m3) and an 18-hole municipal golf course. It also has a 16-km underground municipal solid waste disposal network using pneumatic suction.