Water and Environment

Water planning in Ebro basin


Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro
2008-In execution
Technical studies and design

A succession of different technical studies were carried out to support planning in the Ebro basin:

  • Study on viability of adaptation of the concession, modernisation and efficient use of water from the river Cinca downstream of the El Grado reservoir (2008).
  • Support for water planning and management in the Ebro axis (2009); search for new pools or reservoirs to obtain a strategic reserve by introducing coordinated hydro and wind power stations.
  • Alternatives for Regulation of the River Tirón (2010), search for regulation alternatives, and multicriterion analysis selection.
  • Analysis of power generation plants in Ebro basin (2012-present), analysing the status of the concession and the possibility of new plants in state-owned infrastructures.