Management of compulsory purchase procedures in roads in Aragon


Ministry of Public Works, Spain
2000-2005, 2006-2010, 2010-In execution
Technical studies and design

The project involved the complete compulsory purchase procedure, broken down into five operating phases, from opening of the file with the compulsory purchase order, through to culmination, reaching mutual agreement with the affected party or referring the fair price for the separated plot to the Provincial Compulsory Purchase Panel.

  • Phase I: Checking of site, nature, boundaries, ownership, goods and rights affected and updating of the cadastre.
  • Phase II: Taking of records prior to occupation, calculation of the preliminary deposits and fast compulsory purchase compensation, Payment and occupation.
  • Phase III: Official negotiation, fair-price phase and provincial compulsory purchase panel.
  • Phase IV: Drawing up of mutual agreement payment registers, concurrent amounts, fair prices and entry in register.
  • Phase V: Other Work. Payment of Notices. Preparation and delivery of Graphics and Database.