Water and Environment

Breakwater and tailwaters of the Rialb reservoir


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Technical studies and design

The main objectives are elimination of the dry strip in the tailwaters of the reservoir, adaptation to facilitate accommodation and consolidation in the area of biological communities, protection of the Oliana  market garden and riverbank areas and establishment of favourable landscape and environmental conditions for encouraging the proliferation of new business activities associated with tourism and leisure activities. The main characteristics are:

  • 1) Type of dam: Gravity, in reinforced concrete.
  • 2) Spillway: 4 hinged-crest gates.
  • 3) Total length of crest: 172.03 m.
  • 4) Height above channel: 15.54 m.
  • 5) Normal maximum level: 430 m. In order to protect and re-cultivate the Oliana market garden area a defensive dyke is planned with a total length of 1950 m.