Water and Environment

Pools of la Corraliza and Barcelosa in Tudela


Corporación Energía Hidroeléctrica de Navarra, S.A.
Preliminary design

The work involves a preliminary design of the pools at Barcelosa and La Corraliza (Tudela, Navarra), elements included in a reversible hydroelectric power station system. The alternative considered consists of:

  • 1) Pumping in the Ebro, making use of the body of water created by the weir from the existing small hydro station to the Barcelosa pool.
  • 2) Elevation of the Barcelosa pond to give a capacity of 0.77 m3.
  • 3) Pumping from the Barcelosa pond to the La Corraliza pond, creating a reversible station for days in which there is no irrigation – in other words very little consumption.
  • 4) Construction of the La Corraliza pool, with a capacity of 1.801 Hm3.
  • 5) Inlet of Navarra Canal.