Water and Environment

Torrehermosa reservoir in Monreal de Ariza


Government of Aragon
Technical studies and designs

The basic purpose of the Torrehermosa Reservoir is to make use of water resources in a way that will improve the irrigation conditions in the area of influence. The main characteristics of the dam are as follows:

  • 1) The dam crest is 8 m wide and 242 m long.
  • 2) The crest stands at 764.0 with a maximum height above the channel of 17.5 m.
  • 3) The capacity of the reservoir at the maximum operating level (760.75 m) is 2.06 hm³.
  • 4) The dam crest will be formed by a deck with a total width of 8.0 m, comprising a roadway 5.00 m wide and two footpaths of 1.5 m each.