Water and Environment

Val de Beltrán pool on left bank of the river Matarraña


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Preliminary design

The actions included are located in the North West of the province of Teruel, in the Matarraña river basin. They include: reservoir at diversion of the River Matarraña, with a volume of 4 hm3, located in a side ravine, with a dam closing it off; concrete weir on the River Matarraña, 190 m in length; and a feeder channel of 0.96 m3/s from the weir to the reservoir, in pipes with a length of 11.35 km, with 5 siphons and 3 aqueducts. The dam is made of loose materials with a clay core, 43.50 m in height on foundations, with an overfall spillway. The weir, the feeder channel. The project includes the Environmental Impact Assessment and an Emergency Plan for the Dam.