Water and Environment

Comprehensive repair of the Carrizo Canal: Leon


Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain
Detailed design

With a total length of 16.7 km, the Carrizo canal forms part of the irrigation system served by the Barrios de Luna Reservoir. Due to the absence of proper drainage, significant effects of underpressure had been detected, leading to buckling in the base and side walls of the canal, causing discontinuity. The repair project includes: a technical and economic study of possible solutions, a new drainage system, improvement in control and diversion elements, the gabion dam on the Luna river and the channel for transferring the water from the River Luna to the River Omaña. Another key feature is the siphon at the junction of the Carrizo canal and the River Omaña, with a flow of 2.40 m3/s and a length of 144.5 m.