Water and Environment

Improvement of irrigation of the Alava valleys


2010-In execution
Feasibility study | Detailed design

The purpose of the project is to design the necessary infrastructures for irrigation of the Alava Valleys area, which covers much of the western sector of the province of Alava. It takes in 590 arable farms, with 8,064 fields, 88% of which are given over to un-irrigated crops and 12% to irrigated crops. It is located on the left bank of the River Ebro, between the Rivers Zadorra, Bayas, Omecillo and their tributaries, in an area with up to 24 communities of irrigators. The scope of the project includes 2 large dams, 3 pools of over 1 hm3, 12 pools of more than 50,000 m3, 9 pumping stations, 80 km of pipeline in the main network, 360 km of pipeline in secondary networks and 1,125 hydrants.